'Passengers' is Winter Bel's debut collection of poems of love and protest.

Line up the roads below the sun
And I shall walk them, every one,
If with those far-dusted steps I would prove
My heart from you had never moved.
- 'Apprentice' by Winter Bel

Winter Bel's debut poetry collection 'Passengers' brings together the best of her poems written over the last decade.

Love poetry is well-represented in the collection, but you will also find poems of defiance and resilience, particularly in the context of striving outside of convention in contemporary times.

Often compared to song lyrics (ironic because Winter is also a pianist who cannot sing), Winter's poems are the result of many, many years of taking to verse when vibrating with love, solidarity or objection, with her first ever publishing credit being a poem she wrote at 9 years old. No doubt her poems are tinged with her admiration of the work of Maya Angelou, Cate Marvin, Jack Gilbert, Pablo Neruda, W.H. Auden and John Fuller.

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Winter Bel poetry cards launching in 2022

Winter is presently working on a set of poetry cards that will be available for purchase in 2022 and beyond.

The card set is ten love poems printed on premium 32pt card for sharing with a loved one whenever you feel like it (romantic milestones; Valentine's Day; because it's Tuesday; because it's not Tuesday; et cetera). The cards do not come printed with a fixed message – that's for you to decide and to write on the back yourself. We are currently testing a variety of shapes, sizes and formats of cards, with the aim of bringing you beautiful words made tangible as a beautiful object. For more on Winter Bel's lifelong interest in making poems touchable, check out the 2021 Thanksgiving Card.

The Winter Bel poetry cards will be available for purchase online in the Winter Bel Store, as well as in select independent book stores in the US, UK and France. To be notified when the cards are available for purchase, sign up for the Winter Bel newsletter below.

Page last updated: September 14, 2020.