'Hard Place Rock' is Winter Bel's debut novel.

The happy endings and the biggest oranges were the ones that California saved for export.
- from 'The Drowning Pool' by Ross Macdonald

Winter Bel's debut novel 'Hard Place Rock' is six interrelated stories that all resolve on the same summer's day in contemporary Los Angeles.

An addict at rock-bottom is determined to regain control of his life. A student journalist covering a #MeToo controversy has her assumptions and ethics shaken when the story gets personal. A homeless man investigates the disappearance of a missing little girl. A Hollywood actress abused by a director is publicly unraveling under the weight of that secret. An abrasive LAPD officer underestimates local hostility toward the police as she works to atone for her past mistakes. And a female surgeon whose wife suddenly dies is left to raise their young son alone, but chooses evasion and dissolution instead – until an impromptu road-trip around the city forces mother and son to acknowledge their new future. These are the six stories of 'Hard Place Rock'.

A mosaic literary drama, comparable to Elizabeth Strout's 'Olive Kitteridge' and Jennifer Egan's 'A Visit from the Goon Squad', 'Hard Place Rock' offers a cross-sectional portrait of contemporary America, with addiction, poverty, policing, sexual abuse, homelessness and motherhood among the issues explored through its characters.

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'The Second' is a novel about gun violence in America.

Winter Bel will follow 'Hard Place Rock' with 'The Second', a legal/political thriller about gun control in the United States. The plot is under wraps for now, but Winter has already made a strong start on the extensive research and interviewing with which she will be bolstering the realism of the storyworld. Check back here for news about 'The Second' in the future.