Winter Bel writes literary fiction and poetry.

Winter Bel's work has been published in Mays 13, Short Edition and Mystery Tribune, among others, and recognized in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowships, Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition, Commonwealth Short Story Prize, and more.

Winter was born and raised in Britain in the '80s, complicated and tanned by America, and now has one foot in France. She is a graduate of Oxford University and London Film School. She established her first creative arts business in grad school and hasn't had a "real job" ever since. This might explain her ability to survive for extended periods on chick peas and next door's wifi.

Winter wrote her first novel at age 9. It was a multiracial gangster drama as full of shit as you might expect from a four-foot white chick writing with a Thundercats biro. That was also the age at which Winter was first published, with her elementary-school poem about a lonely scarecrow printed in the town newspaper between roadwork announcements.

The forthcoming works

'After The Angels' is Winter Bel's first novel, 'Hard Place Rock' her first short story collection, and 'Passengers' her debut poetry collection. All these works have together taken the best part of a decade to complete, and will be forthcoming in the next few years.

Outside of writing

Winter is a passionate pianist, runner, cyclist, and photographer.

She presently splits time between Paris and Los Angeles. She also, it should be noted, travels a hell of a lot.

The other identity

Winter Bel is a pseudonym. Under her other alias 'Lexia Snowe', the same woman writes thriller fiction and screenplays. You can read more about Lexia Snowe projects at LexiaSnowe.com 

Page last updated: April 21, 2023.